What We Do?

iNetVideo.com is your source for low priced movies, video games, and video game collectibles. Our goal is to provide you with Entertainment for Less, and provide you with the best customer service we can deliver while doing that.


1. What We Sell

We carry a large selection of recent and classic titles. With each passing day we add more and more titles to our inventory. The end result is a great selection of items at prices up to 90% off suggested retail price. Our every day prices are often cheaper than some other site’s sale prices.


2. What Formats Do We Sell

- We carry movies in DVD, DVD boxset and Blu-ray formats. We stock both current and classic releases.

- Our video games department carries games in current popular platforms such as PC games, Playstation™, Nintendo, and XBOX. If you’re really in video games, we also stock apparel and collectible items from your favorite titles.


3. Region information

Everything we sell is guaranteed to be compatible in region 1 NTSC players and consoles. If you're ordering from outside the region 1 area, we do not guarantee the item to be compatible with your equipment. It's possible some of the items could be region free, but please do the proper research and make sure you have compatible equipment before placing the order.


At iNetVideo.com, we give you Entertainment for Less, it’s what we do.