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Posted on Sep 27, 2013. 432 comments

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  • Posted by Erica R. on Oct 03, 2013

    I would like the power to teleport

  • Posted by Paul Goodson on Oct 03, 2013

    Just one would be a tough decision, but with guess prices I guess I would have to say the ability to fly.

  • Posted by Gary Baker on Oct 03, 2013


  • Posted by zay on Oct 02, 2013

    i would love to have the super power that when ever i go to sleep i wake up with a random superpower croyd style

  • Posted by John Daviduke on Oct 02, 2013


  • Posted by Marcia on Oct 02, 2013

    x-ray eyes

  • Posted by Laurie on Oct 02, 2013


  • Posted by Jenna on Oct 02, 2013

    xray eyes

  • Posted by Emily on Oct 02, 2013

    xray vision

  • Posted by valerie parker thurman on Oct 02, 2013