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Posted on Sep 03, 2013. 291 comments

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  • Posted by nikki robak on Sep 10, 2013

    This huge black spider crawling across my kitchen floor

  • Posted by Joann Magoch on Sep 10, 2013

    Snakes and spiders since i just got bit by one on my head and i have a hole in my head a finger deep omg pain brown recluse spider,and snakes any size more afraid of

  • Posted by Curtis Collins backyard one day and there was a black bear starring at me on Sep 09, 2013

    I went into my backyard one day and there was a black bear standing there starring at me that was pretty scary!!!!

  • Posted by Ms Shana Hendrickson on Sep 09, 2013

    one of my dogs jumped out of a boat into the water while still hooked to a leash, couldn’t reach him to unhook it, all the while he was being choked as the boat was moving (fyi he was ok, so much so that he got right back in the water to swim after just a few minutes, I think I was more scared than he was)

  • Posted by Pat Matczak on Sep 09, 2013

    The Paranormal Activity Series.

  • Posted by Veronica Sandberg on Sep 09, 2013

    finding my husband had fallen and cracked his head open a little.

  • Posted by Jake A Brand on Sep 09, 2013

    Honesly, the last thing that really scared me was watching Insidious after having a bit too much to drink.

  • Posted by Rachel Kapsalakis on Sep 09, 2013

    A snake

  • Posted by Theda Stoppel on Sep 09, 2013

    Almost not being able to leave Mexico to go back home to Canada

  • Posted by tegan on Sep 09, 2013

    the last thing that really scared me was my daughter she waited for me to come out of the bathroom and I didn’t know she was there. she had a really good laugh lol