Posted on Aug 23, 2013. 925 comments

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  • Posted by Paul Feinman on Sep 06, 2013

    Frankly my dear I don’t give a dam butt if I must “Another Batman movie-Holy Underwear”

  • Posted by Carrie Grime on Sep 05, 2013

    I think Ben will be great!

  • Posted by Kim Thompson on Sep 04, 2013

    I think he’ll make a great Batman.

  • Posted by lisa chan on Sep 03, 2013

    I don’t think he is right for the role

  • Posted by Shawn Aikens on Sep 03, 2013

    Well,… we will just have to see how he will do..! Could be a good thing or bad, but hey let’s give him a chance.

  • Posted by Randy Jones on Sep 02, 2013

    He has got to be better than Michael Keaton.

  • Posted by lisa burns on Sep 02, 2013

    i think he will be the only reason to go see the movie. he’ll do just fine

  • Posted by Gerry Copeman on Sep 02, 2013

    Depends on who is playing superman, and how well they work together

  • Posted by David on Sep 01, 2013

    Holy Batfleck, Buttman!

  • Posted by john basalla on Aug 31, 2013

    no big deal. good as most others