Win COMIC BOOK Collector's Set on Blu-ray

Posted on Aug 16, 2013. 365 comments

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  • Posted by Gladys Cruzada on Dec 13, 2013


  • Posted by Keith O. on Sep 23, 2013


  • Posted by Jake A Brand on Sep 09, 2013

    Batman. No special powers necessary.

  • Posted by Ken Robinson on Sep 09, 2013

    Green Lantern

  • Posted by Ashley Chow on Sep 07, 2013

    Captain Canuck

  • Posted by Eric Hunken on Aug 26, 2013


  • Posted by Betty Longtin on Aug 26, 2013

    Spider Man

  • Posted by ms4barrell on Aug 26, 2013

    Batman&Robin They Kick But, I like it when they make moves And then the noises come in, Bam, Slam, Kick, Slams And such And Kids can Watch Read all about, And it’s Totally 100% for Kids.

  • Posted by Allison on Aug 26, 2013

    Hit Girl!

  • Posted by Elmer Moore on Aug 26, 2013

    Adam West’s Batman