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Posted on Jan 29, 2015. 279 comments

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  • Posted by daniel white on Feb 08, 2015

    ROCKY very cool movie always root for the underdog

  • Posted by Stephen Sparky Parker on Feb 08, 2015

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World! But this one is way up there too!

  • Posted by Timothy Killoran on Feb 08, 2015

    It’s a tie between Grease and Dirty Dancing

  • Posted by Aiaan M. on Feb 07, 2015

    Atomik Circus

  • Posted by Marcia Haworth on Feb 07, 2015

    My favorite movie is The Sting … I loved the plot, the writing, and the cast was Superb … they couldn’t have done a better job of casting. I also am a fan of Scott Joplin, whose music they used so perfectly. Many, many movies run a close second but I think this will remain my very favorite.

  • Posted by Elaine Beierbach on Feb 07, 2015


  • Posted by Alison K on Feb 07, 2015

    Pan’s Labyrinth

  • Posted by Lisa Johnston on Feb 07, 2015

    8 Mile

  • Posted by Stephen Bristow on Feb 06, 2015


  • Posted by Paula Parrish on Feb 06, 2015

    The Wolfman with Lon Chaney, Jr.