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Posted on Nov 14, 2014. 269 comments

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  • Posted by Julio on Dec 17, 2015

    Hey Dennis, thanks for the help prontoimg the event and your kind words! Happy you’ve enjoyed the events so far, and I hope we can continue to surpass expectations this year. See you there! – Mike

  • Posted by Chuchena on Jan 20, 2015

    Guys,Just passed ICND1 with 868 Guys i just wanna thkans of all.Though there are a lot of new questions were asked but above dumps & PS4 2.87/3 is really helped a lot Simple advise dont just rely on dumps 1st go through CBT nuggets then practice the dumps & P4s

  • Posted by Mindaugas on Jan 19, 2015

    Just started using your app three days ago and I love it! I’m arlaedy super sore so I’m hoping to wake up one day with super flat abs ;)What I would live to see though, is an article on ways and tips to get the most out of Fitfu. Suggestions like how long you should aim for, how to set goals, how often to do them etc. Also..what happens when you reach the last level? Are you planning to offer more levels and exercises in the future?

  • Posted by Andrea R. on Dec 17, 2014

    Nope. The kids get cash this year. :)

  • Posted by mitchell hickman on Dec 16, 2014

    almost done

  • Posted by Evan on Dec 15, 2014

    Going to start holiday shopping very soon. Thank you.

  • Posted by JOLIN SALAS on Dec 11, 2014

    umm.. started? Barely.

  • Posted by mitchell hickman on Dec 10, 2014

    sure have

  • Posted by Amy L. on Dec 07, 2014

    Haven’t even thought about the holidays yet.

  • Posted by Erica Lucas on Dec 07, 2014