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Posted on Oct 16, 2014. 530 comments

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  • Posted by April walrath on Oct 16, 2014

    Mean People for sure !

  • Posted by William Coles on Oct 16, 2014

    not winning contests

  • Posted by Jason Thomas on Oct 16, 2014

    My ex wife calling me when when she is mad about something…which is why my ringtone for her is the Psycho theme!

  • Posted by Ian R on Oct 16, 2014

    Kids kicking my seat on a plane

  • Posted by beth on Oct 16, 2014

    mean people

  • Posted by Jude on Oct 16, 2014

    Drivers NOT paying attention to the road

  • Posted by jack ripple on Oct 16, 2014

    bad drivers – they are totally psycho! Oh, and ebola!

  • Posted by Dana Matthews on Oct 16, 2014

    I’m pretty mild about letting things drive me crazy…but…silly as it sounds…folks going in the or out the wrong door drives me nuts! It’s my pet peeve I guess! Walmart is the worst place…folks will absolutely run you over…and they’re entering or exiting the wrong door!

  • Posted by Cathy Cole on Oct 16, 2014

    When somebody calls you early in the morning and you pick up the phone and the say nothing.

  • Posted by Teresa Vollick on Oct 16, 2014

    People who still drink/text & drive