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Posted on Oct 16, 2014. 530 comments

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  • Posted by Colleen K on Oct 20, 2017

    …Not winning Contests !!!

  • Posted by courtnee fann on May 19, 2015

    when i am doing something and people keep saying do it do it do it

  • Posted by Lea on Jan 22, 2015

    Fuck man i agree man i agree with wut u sinyag and u good i see what you sinyag but sometimes a character can get more screen time cuz they will die soon. just look at Shane you see how much screen time and character development he got in season 2 of the show overall he made season 2 good to watch. but the reason for them building him up was cuz he was going to die soon truuuuu and riiight GJ subbed man Was this answer helpful?

  • Posted by Senthil on Jan 19, 2015

    1. . and I am back, needed an asripin after listening to this one.2. Is this a kid’s song? If not What the whaaa?3. NW Grunge/Nirvana Cover Band?4. The clash as a wedding band, also lead singer is drunk, can’t understand a word.5. Early ’80 s new wave goodness yes? My fav of the group.Kathrynb4s last blog ..

  • Posted by robert j morgan on Dec 01, 2014

    the unknow

  • Posted by regina malloy on Nov 18, 2014

    people who dont like cats

  • Posted by merle gilmore on Nov 14, 2014

    My wife and the cat

  • Posted by merle gilmore on Nov 13, 2014

    My Cat

  • Posted by merle gilmore on Nov 12, 2014

    My Wife

  • Posted by Allan on Nov 11, 2014

    The Fine Young Cannibals.