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Posted on Aug 07, 2014. 278 comments

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  • Posted by Michelle on Dec 17, 2015

    canarchaudry / I thought it is so cool to see on this video a clip of David with the oecrrstha while recording Everybody Hurts idk, it felt like I was transported in the studio for a split second there the whole video which is quite moving.So grateful that David picked one of REM’s great song ever and made it his own which I love:) I think he wants to make sure every listener will understand the positive message this song may bring to everyone who are in despair, in pain or hurting at some point in life. I would like to think we,human,are blessed to feel and experience emotions at many level,whether good or bad and help us learn and grow from it gosh, what do I know. Anyway, just a little note for David: Really loving the Album BEGIN. Thank you much for leaving everyone a perfect album to enjoy, to ponder and be inspired with while you are on your mission :):):)>

  • Posted by Arda on Jan 22, 2015

    That’s the thninkig of a creative mind

  • Posted by Sonu on Jan 19, 2015

    It’s from The Official Barbara Hambly Page an author puslhbied a book called Homeland on August 25, 2009.a0 The third comment in froma0Kristin who must be psychic since her post was used to comment on

  • Posted by robert j morgan on Dec 01, 2014


  • Posted by Ashley Chow on Nov 21, 2014

    A lover.

  • Posted by Pamela Harvey on Oct 08, 2014

    Lover first but piss me off and I become a fighter right away

  • Posted by Janice Reece on Sep 14, 2014

    I am a LOVER of course …….

  • Posted by Lawrence Mercer on Sep 11, 2014


  • Posted by Jordan H. on Sep 09, 2014

    I’m a fighter.

  • Posted by socratesjr on Sep 07, 2014

    A lover…oh yes, a lover.