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Posted on May 01, 2014. 508 comments

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Excited about the Stanley Cup Hockey Playoffs??

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  • Posted by susan jette on May 01, 2014

    i like to play hockey, dont watch it though

  • Posted by Anastasia on May 01, 2014

    Not even remotely :)

  • Posted by Tara Kimble on May 01, 2014

    Yea why not.

  • Posted by Mary Gallo on May 01, 2014

    No. I don’t watch Hockey

  • Posted by Andrea Lee on May 01, 2014

    Oh yeah!!! GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by wendy Hutton on May 01, 2014

    no I never watch hockey

  • Posted by Ivy T on May 01, 2014

    Yes, love the playoffs.

  • Posted by Rudi Pittman on May 01, 2014

    Does it have cheerleaders? No? Then No.