Win House, M.D. Season 1 on DVD

Posted on Apr 03, 2014. 373 comments

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  • Posted by Holly Kennedy on Apr 07, 2014

    Depends on who is playing.

  • Posted by Marcus on Apr 07, 2014

    Sure, as long as I get to send you a bill. Thank you!

  • Posted by Todd Westphal on Apr 07, 2014


  • Posted by Erica Lucas on Apr 07, 2014


  • Posted by Carol Solze on Apr 07, 2014


  • Posted by David Purcell on Apr 07, 2014


  • Posted by Donna Evans on Apr 07, 2014

    No I will pass on playing doctor.

  • Posted by GARRY SUSSMAN on Apr 07, 2014


  • Posted by Jill Edwards on Apr 06, 2014


  • Posted by elaine beierbach on Apr 06, 2014

    Since I am already a Registered nures, I consider myself to be ‘almost’ a doctor.