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Posted on Aug 15, 2014. 289 comments

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Is it ok for a man to cry?

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  • Posted by robert j morgan on Oct 11, 2014

    love battle star

  • Posted by Lawrence Mercer on Sep 11, 2014


  • Posted by Maria Schatz on Sep 10, 2014


  • Posted by mitchell hickman on Sep 10, 2014

    men have feelings, too

  • Posted by socratesjr on Sep 07, 2014

    I think men should cry for real. None of that fake stuff.

  • Posted by Erica Lucas on Sep 04, 2014


  • Posted by Tim Hughes on Sep 03, 2014

    Day later and I am still crying for no reason

  • Posted by Tim Hughes on Sep 02, 2014

    I’m crying right now for no reason just to spite Jackie Phipps.

  • Posted by Jackie Phipps on Sep 02, 2014

    Depends why he is crying. I don’t feel either sex should cry without a reason

  • Posted by Rambo2 on Sep 01, 2014